Dating is hard, dating as a young widow is even harder. It's as if I have a scarlet "W" branded into my forehead, and usually when people here I'm a suicide widow, they turn tail and run for the hills. Believe it or not, I've actually had people blame me for my husband's death or... Continue Reading →

The First Cut is the Deepest…or is it?

Sorry, Sheryl Crow. I have to disagree. I thought that my first breakup after Sean died would be an absolute travesty resulting in many tears served with a generous helping of self-pity and of course, wine. But, there were no tears of sadness Zero self-pity and no wine (surprisingly) However, there was; Rage Disgust and... Continue Reading →

Widowed and…Dating?

Let's talk about the giant, widowed, bat-shit crazy, black-veil-wearing elephant in the room---- Dating post loss. I want to make one thing very clear, when/if people date post loss varies, however, whether it be one week or fifty years- it is none of your business. Dating post loss is hard. After the marriage you thought... Continue Reading →

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