At Least

“At least” is something I’ve heard at least a thousand times since Sean died.

At least you and Luke didn’t have to witness it.

At least it was instant.

At least you’re young, you have plenty of time to remarry and have more kids if you want.

At least you didn’t have to watch him be sick and suffer.

At least you have a good support system.

At least you havs kids to remember him by.

At least.

At least.

At least.

Listen to me when I tell you this; Any time you speak to a widow, whether it be from an accident, OD, Suicide, murder, cancer, or literally anything else- DO NOT include the words “at least” when discussing their partner’s death.

Widowhood does not deal in the world of “at least”.

There is no silver lining.
No glass have full.

The glass shattered and now there’s broken pieces and water all over the God damn place.

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  1. I learn something from you with every post here. Thanks for the enlightenment. I’m a positive person and always looking for a silver lining. Thanks (sincerely) for helping me learn things I have no experience with.


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