The Bed

Science says that we spend roughly a third of our lives in bed, asleep. In fact, I am writing this as I lay in bed.

The bed, in a sence, is a sacred place.

It can be a place where new life is created and where it is born.

A place where life ends.

A place where days at work are discussed.

A place where favorite TV shows are watched, cuddled up next to your love.

It is the peaceful spot, where at the end of a long, perhaps stressful, day- we can rest our minds and bodies.

There was a time where each night, the mattress would sink a bit to accommodate Sean’s body. Now I feel only my heart sink when I lay down.

It is a place to cry in solitude.

A place where anxiety wracks my brain.

A place where nightmares and flasbacks occur.

A place to spend countless hours staring into the darkness, waiting for dawn.

My bed is no longer a sanctuary.

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