With Gratitude

To my mom that brings me leftovers from her house and helps me tidy up. Who always knows what to say, yet has to wisdom to know that now may not be the best time to say it.

To my dad that helps me keep track of car, house and lawn maintenance. Who strives to teach Luke all the things his daddy isn’t hear to teach him.

To my mother-in-law, by whose grace and decency I am able to financially provide for my children. For always loving and supporting me and my children and for being a reliable babysitter!

To my bestfriend who held my hand, cried with me and lead me back to the Lord.

To my Texas family, who supported me when Sean was alive- and after he died. Thank you for all you did for my family that night and the following weeks- I’m so glad you were creepin’ on me at the park and decided to introduce yourself after recognizing my dog.

To my military family that dropped everything they were doing the moment they heard. Who did things for my family that I didn’t have the strength to do. For driving my dog and car up for the funeral, only to have to present your best friend’s flag to me.

To my sister that recommended me to apply for a position at her company, so that I would have a place to return to work after having my baby, that helped me find a fabulous daycare to put my children in so that they are safe and provide for while I am at work.

To my sister that dropped everything and brought Applebee’s and games over the night I had a nervous breakdown when Luke had a meltdown and screamed that he wanted to kill himself.

To the childhood friend that continuously reaches out to me spend time together and offers to babysit because she knows it’s good for me to get out of the house.

Just to name a few.

I have SO many people to thank for all they have done in these past fifteen months. I know that none of it was done out of obligation or pity. All of your kind words and gestures came from a place of love and compassion without any expectation of reciprocity. With all sincerity- thank you.

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  1. I know that you don’t know me but your mother-in-law was my best friend back in middle school. She led me to your blog months ago after bragging to me about how wonderful of a person you are. You are a beautiful young woman and your strength has been an inspiration to me and I’m sure to many others. I always look forward to reading your new posts. I pray for you and your little ones daily.



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