Swagger & Spearmint

Old Spice Swagger; “For the man who holds the complete works of Aristotle in one hand and a delicious sandwich in the other.”

What a fitting description of the man who wore it everyday.

The smell is forever burned into my brain. A deliciously intoxicating combination of spearmint shampoo and Old Spice Swagger deodorant.

Oh, how I miss that smell.

How it used to flood my senses with familiarity and comfort- it was your smell.

While I don’t stand in the middle of the men’s deodorant aisle in the store and cry into a stick of deodorant anymore, I do keep Sean’s old stick in the back of my bathroom drawer. It’s comforting to hold something that he once touched everyday.



But widows do a lot of weird shit ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Look for my next blog post: “Weird Shit Widows Do” and prepare to be both uncomfortable and overwhelmed with pity.


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