I’m Sorry for Your Loss

When someone dies, we tell the people left behind “I’m sorry for your loss” because they’re the ones who have to find a way to live through this new void.

But as I sit in the quiet stillness of the night and look at my beautiful brand new baby girl I can’t help but feel sorry for Sean and his loss. Just look at what he’s missing out on- this beautiful life we created and every special moment that will come from here on out. Missing out on Luke learning to ride his bike this Spring and being so sweet, gentle and loving to his new little sister.

What a shame he isn’t here to see any of it.


His loss.

One thought on “I’m Sorry for Your Loss

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  1. I often think of that with Father’s too busy to put the kids to bed, or too busy to go to practice and miss a goal with the ‘goal dance’, the list goes on. Every moment with a child is an awesome memory, be it happy, sad, triumphant or whatever. We’ll never get those moments back and some people ‘choose’ to miss them. They don’t know what they’re missing. Glad you’re appreciating every moment.


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