Late Night Thoughts on Widow Etiquette

When I talk to people that don’t already know my husband is dead, how do I refer to him?

I can’t really refer to him as just my husband, that implies that he’s still alive.

My late husband?

What is he late for?

Bleck. I hate this one- it makes me feel like an old lady…but it seems most polite. Certainly more polite than referring to him as my dead husband.

  • Can I sill refer to myself as Mrs. Williams?

The internet says that a widow should still be addressed as “Mrs.” Unless she specifies otherwise.
Thanks, Google!

  • How long do I wear my wedding ring for?

I guess technically I’m not married anymore- I mean, they do say “Until death do you part” but a huge part of me still feels married. Who knows if I’ll ever stop feeling that way. I guess maybe if I do, I’ll take it off then? The traditionalist in me wants to keep it on at least until I have the baby.

  • Is it wrong that I make my own “widowed” box on intake paperwork when the only other choices are “single, married, divorced”?

Because I totally do.

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