A List of Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant (or any) Widow (Written 2/10/2018)

  1. “Are you going to keep the baby?”

Yes, someone actually asked me this the week I came back home for Sean’s funeral

  1. “What he did was so selfish”

No….so much no. It wasn’t selfish. In fact, Sean was one of the most loving, giving people I knew. I can’t tell you why he did it, I’ll never know. All I do know is that he must have been suffering a great deal.

  1. “He’s in a better place now”

Oh, really? Are you sure? Ugh, I can’t tell you how much I hate this one. I don’t care where he is now- he’s not here with me and his kids like he’s supposed to be.

  1. “I’ll pray for mercy on his soul”

Ok, I get the sentiment of this one and I do appreciate the prayers but implying to me that my husband’s soul has been cast into the fiery pits of hell isn’t exactly comforting.

  1. “I’m sure in time you’ll find someone else, you’re so young”

Yes, someone actually said this to me….also the same week as Sean’s funeral. Like, my husband isn’t even in the ground yet- can you take it down a notch please?


I could go on and on but the moral of the story here is don’t be an asshole.

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